Trying to be better 🙏

NUCO’s positive impact promise

We have a commitment to making a positive impact wherever we can.

Let’s get something straight, we are not an eco-friendly business and we know this.

It’s no secret that ski holidays and travel aren’t beneficial to the environment. The destinations we love so much are some of the areas most vulnerable to climate change, with unpredictable weather, receding glaciers and shorter seasons becoming the norm. It’s up to businesses like us to compensate elsewhere for any negative effect we may have and drive change; no greenwashing, no empty promises. Complete honesty and transparency as we strive to pave the way towards a more sustainable future.

Our statement of intent:

To reduce the negative environmental impacts of NUCO Travel through a comprehensive plan to reduce CO2 emissions and non-recyclable waste, increase recycling and offset CO2 where reduction isn’t possible. This is to be carried out throughout the business and encourage the involvement of NUCO suppliers and passengers. With the overall aim of being a market leader in green credentials.

Our current initiatives include:


  • Work internally and with partners to promote diversity and equality
  • Offer perks to our team which they actually use and benefit from
  • Offer learning and development opportunities and budgets
  • Are looking to develop a bespoke wellbeing program suited to our peoples needs


  • We carbon offset our travel bookings per passenger, with the aim to become carbon neutral this year
  • We strive to reduce our emissions, with the aim to get as close to net-zero as we can
  • We operate a strict recycling policy across our offices
  • We ensure all of our brand partners are aligned with our commitment to being better for our planet

Some first carbon reduction steps we would like to implement in the near future are:

  • Encouraging our suppliers to develop greener strategies
  • Using NUCO digital capabilities to enable passengers to make green choices
  • Displaying environmental transparency to our passengers
  • Developing off-season “green” tourism such as cycling, hiking, etc… We’re already running sailing trips and wish to do more.
  • Starting partnerships with key industry players to work together on green development and learn from them
  • Set up the NUCO Green Foundation; investing and rewarding projects that make our planet a better place

And we intend to do more to come!

Encouraging our partners to support the change

Our efforts include ensuring everyone we partner with can give reassurances of their own intent to make a change.

We ask anyone we work with to demonstrate their commitment and intention to being better; to consider policy around their impact on the people and the planet and how they use their influence to create positive change.

This could be from looking after the people in their supply chain to contributing specifically to a cause as an element of the activation we work on together. Whatever it is, we ask the question.

It would, of course, be unrealistic to say that every brand is 100% perfect- we are certainly not! Mistakes may have been made in the past or maybe not enough emphasis put on what is important. However, we focus on the NOW and look for clear evidence of a commitment to change. We encourage all brands to drive towards this collective mission regardless of their stage of journey.

Awareness, intentions, commitment and implementation.



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