🔥 The Ultimate Packing List 🔥

  • Purchase Travel Insurance before you depart. Make sure it covers sailing.
  • Bring sun cream, sun hats, swimwear, shorts & t-shirts. It’s going to be HOT! ☀️
  • A light jacket or sweater for cooler evenings.
  • No solid suit cases. A soft bag is way easier to store on the boat and also doubles up pretty well as a bean bag
  • Check our treasure map so you and see where the refuel stops are and stock up on provisions (we suggest doing a ‘Big Shop’ at the larger supermarket before we set sail and then top up on fresh goods from the islands. We will be providing you with a special guest chef shopping list…yummmmmmy) 😋
  • Do Not Drink Water from Boat Taps — unless you want to be pretty unpopular with your cabin mate! Buy Bottled Water
  • Bring your own towel for swimming and beaching
  • A keep cup / reusable cup for morning coffee strolls
  • Fly your flags 🚩and let them know who is at sea. If you are part of a flotilla, you will have your own flag designed for you. Especially important for the Sea Parade
  • Vibe up your boat LED Fairy lights / Bunting 🎉
  • Get festival — Glitter / face paints/ war paints / hula skirts / flamboyant eye wear / glow sticks
  • Soundtracks Bring a jack-to-jack lead to connect iPods / Phones to the boat stereo or portable bluetooth speaker.
  • Astrology your thing? Pack your star charts ☀️
  • We love to play! Frisbees/ inflatable fun/ beach balls / hula hoops/ cards
  • Floaties floaties floaties is all we can say
  • Hand sanitisers
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Want to go full out — how about a disposable boiler suit and decorate it!



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NUCO Travel | All year round good times

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