the armada code


Choose Your Own Adventure

We have a week packed with opportunities for you to explore the armada experience and connect with fellow crews. It is for you to choose your pace and decide what you do and do not get involved in. We have designed the programme so that it is your choice and your adventure. You are never required to be anywhere.


To be on armada is to be part of something special. We are a group of great human beings (if we do say so ourselves) and although we love to party, we ALWAYS remain respectful. Respectful to the locals, the area, the crews and to each other.

We are here to provide you with a place to have fun and a space to live your best lives. We ask you to be fun, kind and open minded to new adventures and this is what makes armada so special. But it only works if you guys follow a few basic rules:

Be kind:

We would love you to leave armada with new friends for life. The goal is to create a community of island-hopping adventurers with genuine memories and connections.

Look after each other

We also appreciate you watching out for your fellow crew members and help ensure their safety if they’ve had one too many.

Respect. Recycle.

No explanation needed. Respect everyone. Recycle everything.


Religion. Spirituality. Vaccines and Politics

We all have our views and now more than ever, these can be contentious. We recently attended an event where we were asked to remember the acronym RSVP and use it as a sense check on what conversations should be about, or more so, what they should not be about. We suggest you adopt this mindset this week and leave the RSVP topics at home.

Leave any Brits on Tour energy at home!

Our events are a place to totally be yourself and have an amazing time with amazing people. We want you to feel fun, safe and let the sunshine and good summer vibes bring you to life!

Any tacky or inappropriate behaviour changes the dynamic and also does not achieve our mission of restoring the local’s faith in tourists so LEAVE IT AT HOME. We watch this very closely, and you will not be welcome in armada if we see it.

Thank you for helping us set a tone and reputation we can all be proud of 💚☀️⛵️🐬



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