NUCO Travel Careers with Louisa

You are now one of NUCOs longest serving employees, having started in 2014, what has kept you on your toes?

The role changes quarterly, and I love the variation. In my previous role as Senior Account Manager, the first quarter is sales, the second quarter is logistics planning, the third tends to be operational, and the fourth is resort and event management. You will never get bored and the ever-changing dynamic is full of excitement. By the time you get tired of one process, the next is around the corner!

During your time at NUCO you must have had a lot of opportunities?

Yes, you get to meet an abundance of wild and wonderful people, travel to parts of the world you maybe wouldn’t have chosen yourself, and work on projects that you could have sparked the idea for and watch it all come to life.

Working with people must be a skill you have really honed working at NUCO, what’s the team mentality like?

One of my favourite parts of my role is the number of people I have met and friends I have made. From reps, to account managers, to other office staff, committees and clients. Everyone has so much in common which is rare for any job. Everyone is open-minded, sociable, smart and above all, passionate about skiing and good times! You make friends forever.

Why would you recommend NUCO to someone looking to start or change their career?

I love my job because of the impact you get to have within a relatively small company, which you wouldn’t get in a big firm. You are part of a start-up mentality team, where you get to be a jack of all trades, and contributions to all aspects of the business are valued and crucial and I really value this in my career. Giving passengers the best weeks of their lives is a huge team effort, and I find that extremely rewarding!

Many don’t realise the size of the NUCO travel group and that there are several brands that sit within this. In your new role is Head of Partnerships and Events, what areas of the company are you excited to be involved with?

I am especially excited to get stuck into this role and extend my partnerships offering to involve other parts of the business, not just We Are NUCO, the student brand. I can’t wait to collaborate with partners on our wider brands including our family arm, Erna Low. Working on partnerships to benefit all passengers and provide them that extra bit of value or experience whilst on holiday they never knew they needed.

If you had to choose one favourite moment from your career at NUCO which really stands out what would that be?

Being Artist Liaison for Horse Meat Disco at the Palatinalps trip in 2016, and still being friends with them today!



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