NUCO Travel Careers: A word from Cristal on being part of the home of all things snow…’

How did you initially get involved with NUCO?

I first got involved with NUCO through a university ski trip back in 2013. After the trip, I received an email about being a rep! I applied and found myself on the training weekend to Tignes in 2014. I’ve been with NUCO ever since.

How was it making the transition from senior rep to full time employee?

There were definitely a lot of advantageous factors and also some drawbacks. I had a lot of knowledge of how to make the customer experience fantastic, but little experience of the sales and admin side. However, I found almost being put straight into the deep end meant I could learn quickly from everyone around me, and understand our goals and values as a company, especially when dealing with negotiations and competitors.

What struck you most when you started as an Account Manager?

The autonomy. Working as a senior rep, I made a lot of decisions but always checked with senior management. However, as an Account Manager I could implement and streamline a lot of processes I thought could work better and put all my knowledge into practice. I also found that the account managers worked extremely close together compared to any other team I had been a part of.

What was your favorite part of your role?

Knowing I was making good decisions for our passengers, and it paying off. Creating an incredible trip and having the 5* feedback at the end of the year to prove it. I’ll never not like receiving the most genuine thank yous from committees!

The role from the outside looks really exciting and hand on, but I guess a lot of hard work and admin also goes into it?

The role has so many incredible perks. A lot of time in the Alps, skiing, being sociable, UK based events, a vibrant team to work alongside, but it can also be testing. This role requires detail and organisation. If you forget to check off something on your list, you could be causing 600 passengers in the resort to not have their keys for their hotel in time or be without a ski pass (pretty vital!). There are a lot of deadlines to be met, and as an Account Manager, you have to be punctual and organised.

What did you find most rewarding about being an Account Manager?

The months leading up to trip are extremely hard, and even more so the week before trip. Making sure everything you’ve agreed upon is organised and your committee are happy. Being in resort, and seeing everything you’ve planned come to life brings so much satisfaction, and as the feedback from passengers begins to flood in, knowing you’ve done a brilliant job is so rewarding. You’ve given hundreds of passengers memorable experiences to last a lifetime!

You have just been promoted to Head of Groups, what do you hope to achieve in this role over the next year?

I hope to propel our already high standard team to the next level. I want to create a positive, inclusive and encouraging environment for the team and ensure industry wide that receiving 5* service should be an expected minimum. I’d love to develop the team further, pushing boundaries we haven’t had time to in the past, to ensure our passengers’ experiences are unparalleled and groups will never consider another provider because we are the best in the industry. Fact.

What are you most looking forward to about next season?

Getting back to the mountain air! Bringing everything we’ve spoken about for 2 years to life! Clipping on some skis! Having a beer peche after a hard days work at apres! Watching my team be praised and celebrated for all their hard work and incredible wins I know they’ll have.

What would your advice be for anyone looking to apply for a role with NUCO?

Working for NUCO is such a privilege and exciting experience. You’re in a position to really make significant changes to the industry, passenger experiences and pushing forward with new and exciting ideas. We love innovation and initiative, don’t hold back with suggestions and always drive to be better. There is always room for improvement!



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