A few things you need to know

Our guide to all the lingo you may encounter on the armada week …

  • Après Sail | Après Sea — anchor down, floaties out, that first post sail bevvie 🍻 never tasted so good
  • Floaties — The more extravagant the better. Think Flamingos, giant pizzas, unicorns…cup holders are a bonus 🦩
  • Dinghy — small inflatable boat used to row ashore when anchored 🛶
  • Flotilla — what the armada is made up of …group of boats all sailing together
  • Landlubber — Someone who prefers life on land to life at sea 🏝
  • Grog — armada speciality when at sea…rum mixed with water 🏴‍☠️
  • Raft — flotilla of boats all moored up together in a line- the perfect set up for taking in the floating stages
  • Circle raft — flotilla of boats moored in a circular shape, all backing in towards each other and creating a perfect centre stage for floatie play 💙
  • Tunnel raft — two rows of yachts back to back, creating a tunnel shape between the two rows.

Bits of the boat you should probably know exist…

  • Anchor — Metal hook at the front of the boat, connected to a chain, that is lowered to secure the boat in a bay. When this is down, you know it’s party time. Where will you anchor down? ⚓️
  • Boarding Plank — Plank of wood at the back of the boat walked along to get from ship to shore when moored in a harbour. Walk the plank for practical purposes 🦈
  • Bathing Platform — Area at the back of the yacht where the swimming ladder is situated and where you must become accustomed ☀️
  • Galley — Your kitchen — where you fuel up and chow down 🍉
  • Saloon — Pre-drinks in the saloon bar — see you there 🥂
  • Cockpit — Outdoor social area at the back of the boat 👀
  • Berths — the beds
  • Heads — the loos
  • Boat hook — long stick with a hook on the end, used for fishing ropes / hats/ dignities out of the water

Always wanted to sound like you know what you’re talking about? These can also feature in some nifty dance moves…

  • BOW — The front of the boat.
  • STERN — The back of the boat
  • STARBOARD— Right hand side of the boat
  • PORT— Left hand side of the boat.
  • HULL — The body of the boat.
  • DECK — The upper surface of the hull.
  • RUDDER — The hinged vertical blade mounted at the stern used to steer
  • MAST — Vertical spar (a pole) that supports sails or rigging.
  • BOOM — It’s the horizontal pole which extends from the bottom of the mast. And that first beat when the wave rave kicks off 💥
  • MAINSAIL — It is the big sail located behind the mast of a sailboat.
  • JIB — The triangular sail at the front of a sailboat. Often referred to as “I don’t like the cut of your jib” 💁‍♀️

And looking after you during your week on armada…

  • Skipper — the one in charge and the one who can teach you some moves!
  • First mate — Second in command
  • Bosun — 3rd in command. The one in charge of the equipment and crew
  • Bilge rat — Bottom of the hierarchy and the one who needs the most love from you guys!
  • Lead Skipper — The one in charge of the whole flotilla. Admiral?!
  • Your hosts — The crew on the lead boat organising your epic week of events on land and at sea 🥁

See you there 🐬 x




A little something for everyone who loves the mountains, the beaches, the waves. Winter to Summer…

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NUCO Travel | All year round good times

NUCO Travel | All year round good times

A little something for everyone who loves the mountains, the beaches, the waves. Winter to Summer…

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